domenica 20 luglio 2014

105 - Video: L'Argante vs RVonFickn 1vs1 (20.07.2013) Highlights 1/3 - 1st Attack! (HD)

Game: Age of Empires II The Conquerors
Game mode: No Rush 50 minutes
Map: Black Forest
Clan: Age of Rogliano (AoR)
Players: [AoR]_L'Argante (Vikings), [AoR]_KinGreenCopper (Byzantines)
Date: 20/07/2013

At 50th minute, L'Argante has a quite better score than RVonFickn, and quite a lot of elite troups, so he starts attacking him straight away thru the only gate available. RVonFickn defends himself quite well using cheap units and some siege weapons, and the narrow corridor at his advantage. At the end of the first attack, RVonFickn' score is quite better then L'Argante's one, and RVonFickn managed to use these additional minutes to boost more his economy.

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