domenica 20 luglio 2014

106 - Video: L'Argante vs RVonFickn 1vs1 (20.07.2013) Highlights 2/3 - 2nd Attack! (HD)

Game: Age of Empires II The Conquerors
Game mode: No Rush 50 minutes
Map: Black Forest
Clan: Age of Rogliano (AoR)
Players: [AoR]_L'Argante (Vikings), [AoR]_KinGreenCopper (Byzantines)
Date: 20/07/2013

RVonFickn has now more resources to spend in more elite troups, so he creates a bunch of camels and some bombards, and he tries to sneak into L'Argante's camp, but no luck, it's quite difficult to pass thru the gate, a new attack strategy is needed before the gold ends.

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